Embracing Tradition: Ella Pangilinan & Enrique Miranda’s Filipiniana Wedding Celebration

Filipiniana dress

Embracing Tradition: Ella Pangilinan & Enrique Miranda’s Filipiniana Wedding Celebration

Ella Pangilinan and Enrique Miranda are from prominent Pinoy families who recently wed and had a traditionally themed Filipino wedding. The bride wore a Filipiniana dress that boasted the country’s cultural roots with a modern twist. The rest of the groom and bridal party also showcased time-honored clothing with a contemporary approach. To learn more about the couple’s wedding, continue reading the article!

The Couple: Ella Pangilinan and Enrique Miranda

As mentioned, the couple comes from prominent Filipino families. Ella is the daughter of Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, a Filipina actress, and her father is Anthony Pangilinan, a motivational speaker and brother to former Senator Franciso ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan. On the other hand, Enrique is the grandson of Ambassador Philippe Lhuillier and Angelique Lhuillier Miranda. The Lhuilliers are known for their popular non-banking business, Cebuana Lhuillier.

The Attire: Traditional Filipino Dresses

In a TikTok post by the bride, she mentioned that they wanted their wedding to combine their family, faith, and culture into the event. Due to this, they paid homage to their classic Filipino roots and opted for a personalized theme while making it conventional. The colors for their wedding include dragon fruit, santan, gumamela, mango, kesong puti, and calamansi.

Traditional Filipino Dresses
Traditional Filipino Dresses

Seeing numerous wedding party guests and members wear traditional Filipino wedding dresses and barongs for the men was refreshing. Ella wore her mother’s Filipiniana wedding dress during her nuptials, making it even more special.

Filipiniana wedding dress

Here is a photo of the bride and her sisters wearing similarly designed traditional Filipinianas posted by famous Filipino designer Rajo Laurel. A bride certainly cannot go wrong with a traditional Filipiniana dress.

Setting the Stage: Venue and Decor

The couple wed in Palacio de Memoria. The groom says the venue was restored by his mother and aunt and shared that “It is the only heritage home in Roxas Boulevard with so much history.” Enrique also stated that their wedding venue was the location of their first Valentine’s Day date. However, the place was still under renovation then.

Ceremony and Traditions

In the same post by Pangilinan, she shared that their wedding was divided into three parts: kasalan (the wedding), handaan (feast/party end celebration), and sayawan (dancing). In the wedding proper, the couple wanted to honor their families for playing an important role in their respective growth and how that contributed to their love as a couple.

Filipiniana dresses

Cultural Cuisine and Delights

Aside from incorporating Filipiniana dresses into their wedding, the couple also embraced cultural cuisines and delights. Reports share that before the kasalan, guests enjoyed taho, sorbetes, and drinks by Wknd Coffee.

The Rise of Traditionally Themed Filipino Weddings

Though not all weddings with traditional Filipino themes are featured in mass media, there has been a surge in the popularity of this theme among Pinoys. So, what makes it so prominent today? This theme weaves the past and present of the national culture that composes the Filipino identity. Moreover, it has the creativity of Filipinos when it comes to designing traditional wedding gowns and barongs.

Where to Get Traditional Filipino Wedding Clothing

There are many designers and boutiques where you can get traditional Filipiniana dress. However, not all wedding gowns fit the designated budget for the celebration you want to have. The good news is that affordability doesn’t mean you have to compromise quality and design. Check out Barongs R Us for our collection of traditional dresses for sale.

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