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Filipiniana wedding Culture and Tradition

A Filipiniana wedding is a traditional Filipino wedding that incorporates elements of Filipino culture and traditions. It is a celebration of the couple’s Filipino heritage, and it typically involves traditional Filipino clothing, food, music, and customs.

One of the highlights of a Filipiniana wedding is the Barong Tagalog and the Filipiniana dress, which are the traditional formal attire for Filipino men and women, respectively. The Barong Tagalog is a formal shirt made from lightweight fabric, typically worn with dress pants, while the Filipiniana dress is a formal gown made from indigenous materials like jusi or piña, usually adorned with intricate embroidery.

In a Filipiniana wedding, the wedding ceremony is typically held in a Catholic church, with traditional Filipino customs incorporated into the ceremony, such as the lighting of candles and the use of coins, veil, and cord.

During the reception, traditional Filipino dishes like adobo, lechon, and pancit are served, along with traditional Filipino desserts like bibingka and puto. The reception also features traditional Filipino dances, such as the Tinikling and the Pandanggo sa Ilaw.

A Filipiniana wedding is a beautiful celebration of Filipino culture and tradition, and it is a way for Filipino couples to honor their heritage and share it with their family and friends on their special day.

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