The Rise of the Filipiniana in 2022

The Rise of the Filipiniana in 2022

The Philippines is officially a ‘national costume’.

This can be said for many countries in Asia, but for us Filipinos, it is a true statement. The Filipino culture features great diversity in both linguistic, culinary and cultural aspects that gives each part of this country its own identity. For example, the Philippines has been home to some of the most celebrated names in art history such as Fernando Amorsolo (whose works are on display at the National Museum), Guillermo Tolentino (the famous poet) and even Agamemnon Pantaleon (the first South Asian national who opened an account while working in our country). All these may not have ventured into fashion but they all contribute to our highly recognized cultural identity which is the famous Filipiniana worn gloriously by Mrs. Imelda Marcos back in the day.

Inspired by the rich heritage of the country, the Filipiniana gown has finally seen the light of day ever since the good old 1980s. This year, it seems that the local (and international) fashion scene is taking some fashion inspo from our country’s national costume. Below, you’ll see Janine Guiterrez, Vanessa Hudgens and even newly elected Vice President of the Philippines, Sara Duterte, all decked in traditional Filipiniana.

Janine Guiterrez in a Vania Romoff in a custom full lace Filipiniana dress.

Janine Guiterrez in a Vania Romoff in a custom full lace Filipiniana dress

Photo courtesy of janineguiterrez

Last February 27, actress and fashion icon, Janine Guiterrez, was spotted wearing a custom full lace Filipiniana dress designed by Filipino fashion designer, Vania Romoff. The actress attended the Film Development Council of the Philippines’ (FDCP) sixth Film Ambassadors’ Night, and she was breathtakingly in a “dream Filipiniana” as the actress puts it. Originally designed with long sleeves, it was converted into having butterfly sleeves (or terno sleeves) to fit the modern flair of Janine.

Vanessa Hudgens pay tribute to her Filipino heritage in a black Jeremy Scott dress.

Photo courtesy of vanessahudgens

Hollywood actress, Vanessa Hudgens, turned heads at this year’s Met Gala when she showed up wearing a sultry but stunning Jeremy Scott black dress. The half American half Filipina actress took to Instagram to say that her dress “pays homage to [her] Filipino heritage”. The puff sleeves of her dress are truly reminiscent of a Filipiniana dress, albeit more modern and sexy. The Filipina-American actress certainly enjoyed her Met Gala night, saying it’s “truly a magical one”.

Most recently, our newly elected Vice President of the Philippines was also spotted donning a beautiful emerald green Filipiniana dress for her inauguration day.

Photo courtesy of Silverio Anglacer / Facebook

Designed by none other than Davao-based designer, Silverio Anglacer, the newly elected VP is truly a force (and fashion icon) to reckon with. Wearing a free flowing dress with embroidery accents, the Vice President of the Philippines is definitely a Filipina worthy of wearing the country’s national costume.

Filipiniana custom dresses or traditional costumes have always been a part of our history and culture. The rise of the Filipiniana in 2022 is a testament to this tradition and how it is recognized as one of its own. It’s a fact that a new generation of young designers will be using local designs to create globally-inspired works inspired by their very own cultural heritage. Here at BarongsRUs, we also pride ourselves in providing custom fit Filipinianas that showcase the beauty of our own culture.

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