Why do grooms choose barong for their wedding?

Why do grooms choose barong for their wedding?

Weddings, it is one of the most special occasions in the life of a person. It is the couple’s dream to be wed in a setting and style they both wanted. Since it is a special event, everything has to be very special, including the clothes that the people wear. The bride and the groom should wear something elegant and extra special for that day.

The Barong Tagalog is what we can see most of the time in a traditional Filipino wedding. We can see a lot of Filipino grooms wearing it. But why would grooms wear barong Tagalog at their wedding? What makes this type of clothing an all-time favorite of the grooms and even those attending the wedding? Let us find out.

Traditional and cultural practice

The barong Tagalog has been a part of Filipino culture, tradition, and history. It has been traditionally used on special occasions and many events. Since the barong Tagalog has been instituted as the Filipino’s national costume, wearing it gives a sense of dignity and honor. It’s acceptability to the Filipino audience makes it the norm for the groom’s attire.

However, its value depends on its design and fabric. Most of the barongs that people wear on very special occasions such as weddings, corporate events, baptisms, and more can be designed uniquely and creatively. Some are personalized and crafted to suit the couple’s preferred appearance or based on what their wedding coordinator suggests. Although there are various designs and styles, its heritage and legacy remain in tact, maintaining it as part of the Filipino culture and tradition.

Comfort and style

We have mentioned that weddings are the most important day for couples. As they get ready to be wed as one, its overwhelming scene stirs up their emotion as well as everyone attending. As the groom stands beside the aisle, waiting for his bride to march in, mixed feelings filled with thrill and excitement sets in as everything is taking place. The groom would start to sweat and feel unease. Wearing a barong is perfect for giving comfort as well as minimizing the emotional tension.

Of course, barongs are not just for comfort. Its elegant and luxurious designs make it stylish and up to the trend. It’s the best way to make the groom’s attire extra special, perfect for making their day extra special too.

One of the best things about barongs is that they can be customized, personalized, and colored in the way you want it. So if you have an extra budget for a personalized barong, go for it. It would make your wedding day very special.

Simple and comfortable to wear

Aside from its beauty and style, barong tagalongs are simple and easy to wear. You can easily slide it in and wear it. With its very light and silky fabric, there is no doubt that barongs are one of the most comfortable clothes to wear. So the grooms have no problem putting them on as they get ready for their wedding.

Most Brides Would Love to See their Groom Wear Barong

Going down to the bottom line of choosing the groom’s outfit, their soon to be wives has a significant influence. Most of the time, the bride would prefer their grooms to wear barong Tagalog. If the bride wants their groom to wear it, the groom will wear it. Of course, they want their future wife to be happy during their wedding day. After all, what is essential is that they are both pleased and satisfied on their special day.

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