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Easy Tips and Tricks When Cleaning A Barong Tagalog

So you just went to a wedding occasion… then you got welcome to another one. What’s the deal? On the off chance that you’re considering wearing a similar barong tagalog to the forthcoming occasion you were welcome to, then fret not as we’re here to help you in keeping your barong tagalog as fresh and sharp as could be expected – very much like whenever you first bought them.

Presently you don’t need to Google “how to clean your barong tagalog” on the grounds that most probable, you’ll wind up obtain an adverse outcome out of DIY-ing your barong tagalog. You could believe it’s difficult to keep the material as immaculate as could be expected, however cleaning a barong tagalog is pretty much as simple as when you clicked that add to truck button.

Barong Tagalog

All in all, would you say you are prepared to figure out how to clean your barong tagalog like a master?

In this article, we will show you a few hints (and deceives) to clean and protect your barong tagalogs so you can save it for your next occasion, as well! #budgetfriendly


Individuals frequently don’t see the value in every one of the advantages of doing things themselves. The laundry cycle has taken silk texture creation as far as possible back to old times, though hand washing is a later development that arose during the nineteenth 100 years. Assuming you love your texture and need it to keep going for a really long time, attempt the hand washing strategy. Handwashing Jusi and Piña, similar to every single regular fiber, doesn’t endure sudden changes in temperature quite well. Splashing it just debilitates the texture, making it stretch (or even tear), and wash it in water with a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar added prior to flushing and drying will assist with keeping up with its shape and draw out its life.


However silk has endured millennia thus got through numerous dry spells and hot temperatures, its unique magnificence starts to blur when presented to the components. Fortunately for you, there’s a simple method for reestablishing surface and splendor back into your texture. All you want is a minuscule measure of hydrogen peroxide blended in with a perfect wash water. Add around 1/4 tsp hydrogen peroxide to your wash water. On the off chance that you’re at all stressed over harming your silk strands, which have endure millennia since they are serious areas of strength for so, can likewise involve smelling salts or vinegar as a milder option in contrast to cleanser on silk pieces of clothing. Your barong tagalog is a prized family legacy and the right treatment and cleaning technique to messes will guarantee that it goes on for quite a long time into the future.


Jusi and Piña are articles of clothing that require more consideration than different sorts of textures. In wet climate, for example, precipitation, there is a gamble of the piece of clothing becoming brown because of dampness harm. In this manner, in the event that you are not utilizing a laundry to clean your Barong Tagalog, kindly don’t hang the piece of clothing up to dry for the time being or sun wash it. All things considered, you ought to painstakingly move the Barong Tagalog up in a shower towel and tenderly press out the majority of the water from them. Then, at that point, let them air dry at room temperature away from direct daylight for around 2 days prior to wearing once more.


On the off chance that a barong tagalog is squeezed while still sodden, it will not be harmed. However, on the off chance that it has dried totally, the article of clothing will be more delicate after the squeezing system. Prior to squeezing the barong tagalog, you really want to ensure that it is completely clammy from washing and not totally dry. In the event that it’s dry, wet it with a spritzer bottle prior to squeezing. Utilize a cotton-shrouded pressing load up for this and don’t let the steam from the iron leave watermarks on the dress. This incorporates crease squeezing in light of the fact that numerous Barongs are hand-sewn which makes them harder to press than machine-made garments so take care not to apply unnecessary strain or pull hard on the creases while squeezing them.

The Barong Tagalog is a bright shirt with a rich history and bunches of fables, so it’s nothing unexpected that it requires some unique consideration. We trust these tips and deceives can assist you with your barong tagalog issues. Express gratitude toward us later!

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