Have you tried searching for “Filipino clothing” on Google ? What results came out?

If you’re curious, that being so, what I got are the two of the most traditional clothing in the Philippines. The Barong Tagalog, which comes from the root word “baro” meaning upper garment or in other words, “ Barong Tagalog” or “ Tagalog outfit” , customarily worn by men beginning from the Spanish colonial era. Its female counterpart, on the other hand, is the “baro’t saya” meaning blouse and skirt or there is also a term called “Maria Clara” which is sometimes referred to as “ Filipiniana dress” or “ traje de mestiza” and the “ terno ” which means, to match ,comprising of both a matching blouse and skirt or a dress.

However, if you notice, Barong Tagalog is described as, “to be used by both men and women” How come? You might ask.

Due to the wide variety of fashion that evolves each time, Barong Tagalog did not become an exception and adapted to the modern barong outfit. Aside from its various designs and colors, it created a female version that has an extensive range of representations.

Come to think of it, it can be notably matched with women wearing tuxedos, right? How fashionable can that be!

True to its value, Barong Tagalog is constantly used in important social events in the Philippines. Among those are weddings, award recognition events, fiestas, Independence Day, and other significant Filipino occasions. Not only is it noticeably worn by Filipinos on these certain gatherings, but also stylish modern Filipinas as well.

Let’s take a glimpse of how glamorous a Modern Barong Tagalog for Women can be! There is the classic barong with delicate embroidery, genuinely made for females that can be matched with a skirt, long or short, and even with slacks that will evenly look elegant and formal.

Another is a Women’s Barong and Women’s Cape Barong that you can also pair up with pants or slacks or even combine with a dress that will truly show one’s femininity.

And, speaking of dress – Imagine a Barong Tagalog made into a complete dress, absolutely made for women! Just don’t forget to accessorize it with jewelry and a matching pair of heels or stilettos.

Now, you will wonder, what is its difference with the baro’t saya, Filipiniana, or terno ?

It can all differ in the designs, wherein most of the baro’t saya, Filipiniana, or terno have a blouse fitted with butterfly sleeves or clipped butterfly wings with an elaborate or bulky skirt reaching the floor like a gown and having a pañuelo, a kerchief-like shawl placed over the skirt.

Because of the lightweight woven fabric of either piña or jusi of the Barong Tagalog , it can be paired with anything, and anyone wearing it can move freely and comfortably. In that case, just like a modern woman of today, they must be confident and empowered to move freely in any direction or destination that they want to be, and they’ll be able to do things effortlessly. Unlike the time of the Spanish colonial period where women needed to cover up modestly, and where the status of females are presented on what they wear, modern-day women are now independent and fearless as to what they want to wear. Having attires such as Barong Tagalog
for Women shows how equal a man and a woman have to be!

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