The Top Normal Mix-ups While Wearing A Barong Tagalog

Barong Tagalog

The Top Normal Mix-ups While Wearing A Barong Tagalog

Its a well known fact that the barong Tagalog is an excellent piece of Filipino conventional dress. It very well may be worn on conventional events, like weddings, immersion and exceptional occasions. Whether you’re hoping to stand apart in the midst of the group or simply need to look cleaned with your clothing, we as a whole realize that a decent barong Tagalog will unquestionably leave an imprint.

However, what occurs in the event that you don’t wear the barong Tagalog appropriately? Imagine a scenario in which you didn’t coordinate it with the right pants… or tragically sent it to the laundry. Indeed, to forestall any undesirable conditions from here on out, we will impart to you the top normal missteps to stay away from while wearing a barong Tagalog. Take out your pen and paper and begin recording a few notes, honorable men!

Botch #1: NOT Choosing Exclusively FIT

Barong Tagalog

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The most well-known botch while wearing a barong Tagalog isn’t having your garments tailor-made or tweaked to your body shape. This mix-up is truly normal among men who don’t have the foggiest idea how to appropriately fit a barong Tagalog. In some cases, custom tailor-made barong Tagalog are not accessible so we wind up buying the ones at retail chains or other retail outlets that are promptly open and accessible. For this situation, you should initially be aware in the event that what you purchased throws a tantrum and style. On the off chance that the sleeves are excessively lengthy or short, it won’t look decent on you. Additionally, assuming the waistline is too low or high it will likewise look interesting on you. Make certain to have your barongs custom-fitted to your size so that by the day’s end, you’ll have the option to partake in the occasion you joined in.


Botch #2: NOT Accepting THE Genuine article

The barong Tagalog is a “must-have” for Filipino men because of its flexibility when worn to occasions. Nonetheless, if you need to wear it on numerous formal and casual events, you should figure out how to purchase the genuine article. The most well-known botch that most men do isn’t getting a genuine barong Tagalog because of a strict financial plan or simply absence of information in getting the genuine one. What you have can be a phony one with modest materials (like rayon), and it won’t be really great for long haul use. Around here at BarongsRUs, you can ensure that what we sell online are made of premium and great materials that are certainly valuable in your storage room into the indefinite future. Save it for your #wedding day!


Beside the normal slip-ups we examined above, there are different interesting points while wearing a barong Tagalog. For one’s purposes, not having the legitimate fit is a dependable method for destroying your pieces of clothing. You ought to likewise know that folks need to wear coordinating socks that go with their dress jeans. To guard things, we exceptionally propose wearing dark jeans, dark socks and dark shoes. Likewise, whether you ought to wear an undershirt under your barong Tagalog again boils down to individual inclination. Make certain to wear an agreeable shirt under the barong Tagalog with the goal that you don’t get scorched from the sun while you’re making the rounds in occasions. Likewise pick your shirt with care, as it ought to be made of lightweight cotton and shouldn’t have a neckline or sleeve.

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The most effective method to Stay away from THESE Missteps

While we’ve previously examined this in another blog entry, great to go over some data could assist you with staying away from these normal barong Tagalog botches.


Select the ideal fit for you. We’ve expressed it previously and we’ll say it once more: the appropriate fit is everything. You can’t simply wear anything that barong is available to you as long as you can fit in it. Any other way, you will not have the option to move a lot, or the overabundance texture will continue to disrupt everything.

Pick an undershirt that matches your barong. Nothing style blunder than by wearing a red shirt under a white clear barong. Barongs are made with breathable and clear textures like abaca, case, jusi, and piña which implies that what you wear under your barong is apparent, and that is the reason it ought to be placed into thought while you’re sprucing up.
Feel alright with your barong. We as a whole realize that a barong is only a garment you wear to an occasion, yet in the event that you’re not happy with it, the entire occasion goes down with you. So you need to remember that you should have the option to inhale, unwind, appreciate and have a good time in your barong Tagalog.

There are many variables to consider while wearing a barong Tagalog… however by the day’s end, you simply need to feel good and partake in the second while you’re wearing it. Assuming that you’re focusing on uniquely accommodated your barong Tagalog, BarongsRUs is here to help!

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